Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bald Eagles Nesting

Bald Eagle 

Bald Eagles 

Bald Eagles Mating 

There is a pair of nesting bald eagles at Honeymoon Island State Park. Part of the trail is fenced off by orange fencing (also known as snow fencing outside of Florida) for 300 feet around the nest to protect the eagles. We arrived first thing in the morning and saw the nest but it was empty. In an uncharacteristic act of persistence and patience, Mike suggested that we return later in the day before leaving. This time, one eagle flew away as we arrived. We waited a while and it flew back. As it landed, we saw that another eagle had been concealed in the nest. We watched them interact a bit, fly to a branch near the nest and mate.

The close-up on top is of an injured eagle cared for in an aviary at Boyd Hill Nature Park.

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