Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grackle and Squirrel

The grackles have come to town.  Another nuisance - or so we at first thought!  Chris was driving them off and looking online for inventive ways to get rid of them when she discovered maybe it's not so bad to let them hang around.  They are only here for a few weeks, and they eat bugs!  If they're willing to eat the awful centipedes that sometimes wind up in the house, we're all for letting them stay!  Now, whatever is going on with the head of this one we don't know.  They usually have a beautiful shiny blue head, but this one either has some albino traits or a bad case of alopecia or mange or molting or something.  We're willing to let them hang around but not all that interested to spend more time figuring out the odd looks of this one. 
There's a new philosphy around here; if you cant beat them, join them.  Even though it's been a very tame winter this year, there were a few very cold days when the squirrels looked miserable and hungry. They continued to raid the bird feeders, driving Chris crazy, so she broke down and bought them their own corn cob treats.  They ate through those pretty quickly and seemed most appreciative.  Since they are sort of comical and fun to watch when they're not invading the birds' territory, Chris decided to put out some over ripe strawberries to see if they would like those.  Seems it's best to keep the little critters occupied with treats which keeps us all happy.

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