Friday, April 11, 2008

Northern Flickers

Northern Flicker
Northern Flickers

Northern Flicker
Aren't these some spectacular birds!
I was getting mundane chores done at home today, but everything came to a complete halt when in my peripheral vision I spotted some commotion in the yard. At first I said out loud, Awesome! Thankfully I then said, Get the camera, idiot.
It's possible there were three, two males and a female. This one on the ground appears to me to be a female because it is lacking the black line off the base of the bill, and the pair in the tree may be both males since they have that black line. I got a video also of the two in the tree (which Mike will have to post later), and I assumed it was a mating dance. Our field guide says when done between same sex it is for competition for territory or a mate. Leave a comment please if you can help with the identification.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed this bird on the ground. Its movement made me think it was a woodpecker because of its quirky motion.

I live in Medford Lakes, Burlington county, NJ. We sit at the edge of the Pinelands. We get thrushes and red bellied woodpeckers, Pine siskins, but this was a new edition to the list

May 22, 2009 at 8:19 AM  

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