Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Osprey at Lake Nelson


Hello, bird lovers! Well, what an evening we had. It was not a sunny day but since it was warm, we said let's just go out in the boat. At first we weren't even going to take the camera since it was a gray day. We got a out a little and we saw a cormorant, so Mike said we have to go back because we don't have any cormorant photos with the new camera. So, off we go again with the camera, binoculars, and an apple, in case we needed something to sustain ourselves. Sure glad we had that camera! What a great treat to see the osprey. Mike spotted it in the tree first; its white head gave it away. We saw it dive for fish a few times, and it really didn't seem bothered by us at all, unlike the Kingfishers who were also around today and still can't stand us. We were really surprised by the little chirpy call this osprey makes. It was cute for such a big bird as opposed to the tiny wren who has such a loud song.

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