Friday, January 23, 2009

Carolina Wren Singing - a fun little bird

Carolina Wren

Chris went out early this morning to fill up the nyjer feeder for the goldfinches (they've been eating an abundance this winter), and on her way back in she recognized the beautiful song of the Carolina Wren. Today one of its songs sounded like "We Need you, We Need you, We Need you," so she hung around outside for a while to enjoy the music. It stayed around long enough for her to go in for the camera to try and catch it while singing. Success and enjoyment - what a way to start the day!

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Blogger Victoria said...

Last evening I saw a little bird sitting on a deck-post outside my kitchen door. This deck-post often has a bird feeder on it, but hasn’t in a while. Anyway the little wren was singing a very lovely song as if trying to sing along with the music I was playing which was Alan Jackson’s “It’s all right to be itty bitty.” I stopped to watch & listen to this little bird which I thought be a Carolina Wren. After a little while, his/her song changed to what sounded like “we need you, we need you, we need you.” I took this as a cue to fill and hang the bird feeder back on the deck-post. Which I did because it seemed the Carolina Wren was telling me that her and her bird friends neede me to feed them. *:)

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