Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blue Grosbeak and/or Indigo Bunting from Cape May

We took a trip this weekend to Cape May to see the migrating birds. Does this mean we are "birders" now, because we did put up with mosquitoes and ticks and rose at sunrise just to go out and bird? Well, we're still not sure ourselves, but if we continue this hobby, we will need vests with lots of pockets, special footwear, and bigger hats. We like watching birds in our backyard from a lounge chair with a sangria too. Anyway, one early morning while birding at Higbee Beach in Cape May, we were thrilled to encounter these lovely blue colored birds since we don't get them in our area. But, since we don't see them often, we are also not very good at identifying them. We think most are Blue Grosbeaks, but there may be an Indigo Bunting in here too. They hang around together and have similar habits, like eating from the ground and singing from the tops of trees. We decided to just enjoy the fact that we saw them and post these without worrying about our identification skills. Maybe we'll get some comments to help us.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Just wanted to let you know they are all Indigo Buntings.

September 18, 2010 at 5:29 PM  

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