Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scarlet Ibises from Coroni Swamp in Trinidad

Scarlet Ibis
Scarlet Ibises in Flight
Juvenile Scarlet Ibises
Scarlet Ibises
Scarlet Ibises

During our stay at the Asa Wright Nature Center, one of the tours off site that we decided to take was to see the evening roosting of the Scarlet Ibises. Fortunately we had a great group of four other birders with us, and the boat tour operators took just the six of us from Asa Wright in our own boat. The trip through the swamp out to the Ibises also resulted in many bird sightings that we will post later, but for now please enjoy this marvelous display put on by the Scarlet Ibises. They come in low over the water by the thousands creating a very spectacular show, and then they roost in trees. After a lot of them were settled, a black hawk flew in which upset the whole group so we got to see them take off and land again. One picture shows the colors of the juveniles before they turn bright scarlet. The picture of the lone Ibis which is closer was taken behind the visitor center where we spent a little while before heading out in the boat.

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