Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hawk waiting under the feeder

Sharpshined hawk 


We're pretty sure this is a sharp-shinned hawk. It has been hunting by the feeder today, and once landed exactly where the cardinal had been perched previously. We know it has to eat too, but we're glad we haven't seen it catch any of our little friends. It's welcome to all the grackle it wants!

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Anonymous Julian said...

You made me laugh. But I have no quarrel with the Grackle. We do not have many coniferous trees in my neighbourhood nor oaks, and are largely grackle and 'squirrel' free. However, a cocky and ill-mannered gang of Starlings- the illegal immigrants of the bird world- have been getting a little greedy with the suet, and If the Peregrine falcon (yes Peregrine Falcon!) that has been cruising the birdseed and suet buffet beneath our wild cherry tree needs a quick meal, I wouldn't mind so much if it is these avaricious bullies who are on the menu. But in all fairness, the titmice were chasing the Nuthatch (my favourite!) away from the new peanut butter and raisin suet I bought today, and scolding everyone terribly. Even the little chickadees who always seem to be in I'll try to get a picture of that falcon, but he lands and then flies off in seconds.

Egg Harbour Township

March 8, 2009 at 10:26 PM  

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